Uh, I done learned a lot of things by myself and
Mhm, ayy, I done learned a lot of things by myself, yeah

I done learned a lot of things by myself and (Yuh)
Wake up in the morning, like, "What's good?" (What's good?)
Eatin' on this plate, just like I should (I should)
Run up on me, n*gga, man, I wish you would (Phew)
Smokin' on this wood 'cause I ain't feelin' good (Uh-uh)
So demandin' (So demandin')
Everywhere in life (Everywhere)
I've been left stranded (Ayy, left stranded)

Where you goin', baby girl? You're my b*tch (My b*tch)
Come and give me top, just suck my di*k (Haha)
Walk around the block like I own that sh*t (Yuh)
n*gga with a Glock, just pop that b*tch (Phew)
Look up at the stars just to make a wish (Ayy)
'Til the moon and back, just with my b*tch (My b*tch)
n*gga, stop talkin', just pass that sh*t (That sh*t)
What you know about this loneliness? (Yuh)
Up for the days, but at night I'm down (I'm down)
Rudeboy sad, that's a soldier down (Don't lie to me)
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