Jayo Sama

"23 (prod. 90’s)"

Like, half of y'all won’t be able to like
Understand what I'm sayin cause y'all don’t really like speak trap Englewood ya feel me?
So, aye
Just try to catch up
Ya hear me
Check me out

(Are you around?) how much you need?
I'm on my way I'll be there in 23 yaaa
Get pounds for da low but I need 23
He come for the whole thing I gave em 23 yaaa
I stay wit the rod my Glock 23
Extend the whole 30 I let off 23 yaaa
J's on my feet boy that's 23
Get to bussin out the jeep with a .223

Verse 1:
Jashuantelle go for my team
Go hard repeatedly
Glock 34 5 on me
Soon you pull im gon squeeze
I heard these pus*y n*ggas got beef
I'll leave a f*ck n*gga deseased
When I shoot Ima score for my team
I done left a couple n*ggas 6 feet
A lot of n*ggas hate me but them n*ggas know I'm bout that life
Boy stop all that fakin n*gga you know you ain't bout that life
Momma on the stove cookin rice
I was servin white
Down set hike catch a play take off like Jerry Rice
There ain’t nothin to do but gunfight I’m talkin onsight
Swear, we gon hop out with the fye
You better want life
I'm really bout what I say on the mic
I speak bout my life
Strictly gun play get outta line get hit wit the 9
I remember when me and Hussein robbed the plug for some plays
I be road runnin thas why I’m always on the interstate
I don't feed into snakes
There a snitch we troll investigate
Feds wanna pick a n*gga up and send me outta stateee
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