No Sleep lyrics


Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn

No sleep
All of the things I don’t see
That you do
Don’t want you to be lonely
And there's things I don’t need
That you do

Baby boy
Or a baby girl
Make my life have purpose
You make my world
Your mums holding it down
And I pray for help
If for some reason I’m not here
She’ll raise you well
No sleep
She don’t get
No we don’t know sleep
Got me singing nursery rhymes like bo peep
Scared that you grow up and won't know me
I’d do anything for you, mostly
Hold you back
I'd do anything for love, but I won’t do that
Feel stuck? you’ll grow through that
If you ever need stuff, I owe you that
All the things that you could be
All the things in the world that you can see
It's still feeling like a dream
Sometimes I wish that I could sleep
No sleep
All of the things I don’t see
That you do
Don’t want you to be lonely
And thеre's things I don’t need
That you do

Love you forevеr
Trust you forever
The best thing in the world is us 2 together
Got little one beside us too
What I can’t find in me
I find in you
I’m always busy
Most people find it rude
You give me time, with time
I can write these tunes
Remember all the people that doubted us
Looked down on us
Now stupid is how they look
Love songs
I could write a thousand books
It’s so easy to write about you I’m proud of us
Don’t believe in much
But the clouds above
Sent something to me that things you
So I now I got
To shower you in hugs
Flowers you get lots
Hours on my watch
Don’t amount to what
You gave me
Thank you
You saved me
You’re going through changes
It feels like ages and ages
I appreciate it
I’m just patiently waiting
I could write pages
About all the love that you gave me
There’s times and there’s places
Keep that safe for the baby
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