Milky Chance

"We Didn’t Make It to the Moon (Stay Home Session)"

You're tellin' me the world
Does not even spin around?
You're tryna say the car we're sittin' in
It don't belong to gravity?

But you keep sayin' I don't care
'Cause I won't join you goin' there
So I go flex like it's better than that
And we just human in a way
We're good and bad within a day
Is there nothin' but to carry on?

We didn't make it to the moon
It doesn't matter if it's true
And down here it's always me and you
It's still a Friday afternoon
Don't have to make it to the moon

[Verse 2]
Paper planes takin' flight
But don't you like that mystery?
Fireflies, a thousand nights
How could we miss such a thing?
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