Sam Fischer


[Verse 1]
Sometimes I forget who we were back then
But Saturday nights stealin' cold beer and cigarettes
At a house we didn't know wearin' our now-vintage clothes
Lookin' at this photo

Oh, I remember someone sayin', "Smile"
Who would have thought we'd still be smilin' now

We've come a long way since we were strangers in the basement
At a party we hated, tryna make conversation
The night it was taken, I didn't have a clue
That someday I'd be somethin' more
Than just a boy in a Polaroid with you

Ooh, mm
Ooh, mm

[Verse 2]
Too many times these moments, they come and go
How lucky was I that our moment was set in stone?
Even though the colors faded and everybody changes
I'm holdin' onto this photo
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