Train of Thought lyrics


Serj Tankian

I come from the future
Give a f*ck about today
Gold in my ears
Loverman like Shabba Ranks
I bring her over here then we
f*ck and meditate
Almost need to grow weed
Cause I smoke it everyday

Why make time when no-ome pays a dime
To remunerate a rhyme over the ching chime?
Ch-ch-ch-ching chime, ch-ch-ch-ching chime

Take a couple puffs don't bogart. My sonic stays perfect, it's that sonar
You try to rush but you won't go far
Paitence is a virtue, try to hold on

Training my thoughts, it's the train of my thoughts. You could make thеm you own or remain in the box
You can find you the kеy, or can keep that sh*t locked
Doesn't matter to me bro I broke all those boxes

In dire need of reason
In a truly deaf nation
Without an education, there is no real democracy

I don't give a f*ck if she could buy you a Rover, run fast little bro she's a chucha la loca
Smelling the coffee, wake up like a mocha
Stand up like a soldier. grow like the coca
The sh*t that you talk bananas you know it
I stand up on top like Rambo in first blood
I'm the man now, you know they can't hurt us
Broadcasting everywhere, know that they heard us

Like buggy the pirate I did this sh*t flashily
Call me the captain, I always got cash with me
Making my moves, my ascension is rapid
If you see where I'm from then you know that sh*t had to be

Buzzing from watching others lies, as the TV slyly stares at me

Call me Son Goku, I'm dining at Nobu
I write in my notebook
You watch on your roku
I wrote the screenplay for the movie you're watching
I wrote lyrics for the song you claim is your favourite

Open your eyes, open your mouths, close your hands, and make a fist

Looking like a wildcard, hit it with my 9 iron
Then I got a hole in one
Albatrossed the par 5
Now I gotta roll it up
Smoking on that top 5
Until an old man I'll be staying alive
But I'm top 5 emcees dead or alive
You can't f*ck with me, the boy is a God
You claim your free, your prisons your mind
I said, f*ck the system, they made it a lie
That rock and roll music is never gonna die
I said that Hip Hop music is never gonna die
Headlines music will always stay alive
And I'll always stay the King until the day I, uhh
Open your eyes, open your mouths, close your hands, and make a fist

I'll show you my vision, this sh*t is my mission
I made that decision
I keep that sh*t rhythmic
I plot with precision to make you see synestesia, yeah

Open your eyes, open your mouths, close your hands, and make a fist

Fight for your rights if your brown or your white
If your black or your tan, we can take us a stand
We could change the whole world in the blink of an eye
We could manifest change, keep that peace on your mind
But keep the freedom to fight
It could change in one night
Think about power
The world it is ours
You don't get what is yours if you're being a coward
These our our people, and this is our land
It's time to move up, and then this is our plan
Go get what is yours, cause its your sh*t to get
I'ma get what is mine, yo you know that I am
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