First of all if you don’t like me, suck your mudda
Don’t try spud man, when you see man
Keep it real, you ain’t my brudda
Every time I drop a lyric, I see off the Mc sugar
Got the ravers jumping, tell security to run for cover
You’re another shoulda woulda coulda
Type of motherf*cker
Tryna talk your utter trash
And everytime I hear you stutter
Eat your toast without the butter
Watch me beat him black and yellow purple green
And red and blue
Now he’s got every type of colour

Let me flip it like an acrobatic
Every time I rap I smash it
Haters see me as a bast*rd
Ladies think I’m charismatic
Got cheese like Wallace and gromit
Brought your girl a gin and tonic
Funny how this music is my life
And now I’m living off it

Turn it round and smack the batty
Ride it like a Kawasaki
You don’t get no pus*y cus you’re ugly
You just yam the batty
Skanking when I see the speaker
Round and round like cheesy pizza
Got these MC’s pulling out inhalers
I don’t need a breather

Okay maybe I just need a second then I’m coming back
And shooting up the place without a weapon
Man know that I’m team UK
Because I rep without a question
I make vids look like Ibiza
But I’m shooting them in Devon
What do ya reckon
Let me come and teach these paigons

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