On the gang tho n*ggas is trippin thinkin he takin one of my chains tho
n*ggas lame tho Gimmie the profit finna drop it all on the range rov
n*ggas gang goofy
n*ggas trippin really beefin over the same groupie
n*ggas lame too me half you n*ggas should’ve handed over the fame to me
Yeah I’m the prophet should’ve handed over the game to me
n*ggas is goofy n*ggas is hopin outta they lane to me
Lovin’ that b*tch but she really be lookin the same to me
Leavin that b*tch if she talking all out of her brain to mе
Diamonds is dancin diamonds dancin lookin insane on me
Fukin yo b*tch ain’t cuffin no pus*y make it rain on mе
Stuck a b*tch I be f*ckin n*ggas really lame on me
Makin up rumors and Lyin tryna get a name on me
f*ckin wit mami she like the roci and she c*cky too
Pressing the topic back on her top like who You talkin too
Poppin that sh*t like you fukin truss I can pop it too
f*ck in the Beamer smoke a bleather and then we hop in coupes
Hop in this b*tch hop out wit a chopstick
Yeah we choppin too
Pop in this b*tch pop out wit a mop stick who you talkin too
Beatin round the bush tryna figure out what you tryna do
Don’t matter what you tryna do
Just meet me at the rendezvous
I got that sh*t to make a b*tch get her sh*t right
You kno I’m f*ckin On yo b*tch big pipe
You n*ggas snitchin walkin round wit 6 strikes
You n*ggas f*ckin off a check needa get right
You all talk no walk get right
I guess I’m walkin off my drip... hich hike
You n*ggas tellin on yo family that’s that snitch life
And Yo b*tch in my DMs tryna peek of what this di*k like
And I’m Icky with the blicky bet the di*ky get the b*tch right
Still don’t give a fuk bouta b*tch I need a bick life
Still don’t give f*ck bout snitch I got a big pipe
n*ggas tough on the gram but live the snitch life
And I’m Bicky wit the di*ky bet the blicky get the snitch right
Yet another n*gga jockin on my drip bick life
Somethin rockin On my hip... big fife
You ain’t f*ckin you can dip get right
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