"I Got The Racks"

gettin these racks
*inaudible* packs
smoke by the pound
but that sh*t is wack

thats a stereotype
she aint my type
listen to me im worth all of the hype

get on the road
gimme the load
get out the chopper and let me reload

pull up on me
you better flee
carson wentz, ill f*ck up ur knee

wanna knock me off my feet,
just cause im bringing the heat

gettin the cash for the gang
pull up in my mustang
all of my boys gotta eat

we growin up on the streets
that aint no treat
only escape: be a student athlete

that is the dream
i got me all the Supreme
pickin' up all the (clippos?)

gonna give all of my cream (?)
gonna go make that b*tch scream

ima go sip on some lean
too much caffeine
my 2k shot it always be green

gimme the clout
give a shout
where am i going, bro give me the route

hittin' the pen,
since i was 10,
got in some trouble
wont do it again

right on my own,
im top of the throne,
ive been a good boy,
so throw me a bone

I should be known,
ive got 2 phones,
give me her number
ill make your b*tch moan

act like a king,
got all the bling,
I am a rapper cause I do not sing

I got the cash
got a big stash
run from the cops like a 50 yard dash

hoes by the crowd
smoke up a cloud
you can not do that b*tch you're not allowed.

f*cked that lil b*tch
he wants to snitch
they hatin now but im gonna be rich

I got the dough
you already know
see you all later thats all for the show.

yuhh (laughs)

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