"Found You"

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
Woo, God's creation, no filters, no imitation
Observations, consistent, you're amazin'
So fine, wishin' that you were mine, but know that I'm quite patient
It's so divine, intelligent conversations
Stimulatin' your mind, where's my invitation?
I'd kill for the time to stop the clock
Pull up to your block, in a drop, would love your cooperation
Reserved a place in my heart, and I'm handlin' all accommodations
I'm so floored, you should win an award, for best spirit
I'm hearin' you got all my nominations, all in moderation
Takin' it slow but my mind racin', losin' all my concentration
I'm spaced out but I'm readin' the signs
And when the stars align, you're my beautiful constellation

[Chorus: Chance The Rapper]
So soft, so soft to the touch
Type love that cause fools to rush
Type love that comes in the clutch
Hey yeah, hey yeah
I learned it's all by design
So delicate, so fine (So fine)
I was lost but you brought me right back
I just fell in your lap, I had to follow the map
Then I found you
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