Axe to Grind lyrics


Lyn Inaizumi

[Verse 1:]
Hello goodbye
Didn't even try
Do not bore me with pathetic logic
Get a move on
Till you're gone
Outta my sight for your position's tragic

Day and night
Searching all around
Up and down
Controlled by empty words
Wasting away hours

Posing like something you're not
Where's your thought?
Go find an axe to grind
I take hearts but not the mind

[Verse 2:]
Better grow up
Look how you messed up
Time to take a step back and realize
Denying blame
Such a shame
Hideous walking arrogance in disguise

I'll be nice
Here's another chance
Dare to dance
Ready when you're ready
Keep 'em heels down steady

Won't hold your hand through it all
Rise or fall
Decide on the boat to ride
Know that you can't run or hide

Getting desperate
Don't sweat
Everyone's the same
If you regret
Reset the game
Not all the time in the world
But you may have potential
Show 'em what you're capable of

You do you
Nothing left to lose
Gave you clues
Unveil your expertise
Inspire great stories

Though just a face in the crowd
Let's confound
The fun has just begun
You're only at square one
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