"Last Weekend (Remix)"

Like f*ck dat I ain’t rappin the same man
I’m done rappin like you n*ggas man
Aye, aye, aye
Only real n*ggas can really like relate to my music ya feel me
Aye ayeeee aye

Feel like the universe is mine when I’m dreamin
Codeine got my eyes closed but I ain’t sleepin
I’m feeling good todayyy like good evening
If it ain’t bout no money n*gga why we beefing
I ball all season like Lebron I ball all season
I won’t hesitate to pull up boy you gon need defense
n*gga I’m really down to pull up get to squeezin
My, lil woadie caught a body last weekend

Verse 1:
Feel like I can fly I’m in the sky like a I’m a eagle
I ain’t gon lie, I be trippin of codeine ya
Feel like I’m bout to die pour too much in my 2 liter
Slidin on the opps
Swervin blowin gasolina
I just f*cked a b*tch who look like Selena
But I’m like f*ck the b*tch really i don’t need her
n*gga you can have your senorita
I can’t keep her she a eata
If you got zoe in your blood then you my people
I know illegal immigrants here with no visa
My plug hit me up from Indonesia
Shipment coming here from overseas ya
I do what I gotta do for them c notes
Cut the work and drop it on you and your peoples
Ain’t got no (?) but I got whatchu need ya
Whatchu know bout clientele
Dying by that needleee
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