"First Day Out"

n*gga say, "How you gon' make a 'First Day Out,' you ain't been locked up nothin' but five, six days?"
We ain't doin' no sittin, pus*y
Our lawyers paid, bond paid, we gettin' money
Hey, let's go

Yes, they let me back up on the block
First I need a eight of Wock' and drive me back up to my block
Went from flexin', showing off my Cartier to watchin' clock
b*tch, I'm thuggin', I been out two days and still I ain't got chopped
Brushin' [?] out my VV's, know y'all thought this sh*t was over
How the f*ck he safe, big talk, convicted felon with that toaster
Big slime, king cobra, cross you out, and f*ck you over
Told them them b*tches exactly how I'm comin' the month of October
No I don't need no [?] her, n*gga played, won't hear from her
I can send a hit from my cell, still got status like Obama
Known for givin' n*ggas hell, then introduce them to that trauma
Feds knowin' damn well I rap, but charge me like a runner
This ride'll never stop, I got a C8 in the V8
'Kay, it's BGB the set, tell the free press that I'm big great
Police is broke as f*ck, I make a fifty up in each state
I'm not with all that commissary, sh*t, BIG30 eat steak
I never sweated sh*t about no bond, it's endless, we paid
Back up in my cell, playin' spades, waitin' on my release date
Five-7 on my, not my car, you know know this Charger straight eight
Big boy, offend what's on my waist gon' cut you like a switchblade
b*tch, I'm a kill switch, send a n*gga to his home, you know we kill sh*t
Come and see 'bout him, I'm Winchester and Killbranch
You got the right to remain silent, how you still snitch?
Your big homie got my intent, he a real b*tch (A b*tch)
And you know [?] 'bout gang, but we kill sh*t
A fifty thousand dollar bond, b*tch, I'm still rich
I'm Choppa Gang [?]
You know we kill sh*t
pus*y, you know we kill sh*t
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