MX PR Remix lyrics



[HOOK - 91 CrazZYi]
The Only Thing That I Know Is To Get My Words Back

But Sorry, I Just Know That How To Worth That

You Lackin' Lot, Lackin' Lot
Give My Money Bag

You Tryna Get Higher Than Me I Know That You Did A Hack

[Chorus - 91 CrazZYi]
So Much Weight Up On My Shoulder You Gon' Get Back

You Say You Got Two sl*ts, Hoe Stop Cappin'

You Said You Got Real Money
I See You Lackin'

Don't Tryna Collab Wit' Me Or You Gon' Get Hoe Knocked Out

Am Dissin' My Friend Real Diss-Respectful
I Won't Need No Negro Conos

I Ain't Tryna Try Respectful Am Angry She Leave Me Alone

She Was Knowin' Am Freakin' Protective
Why You Leave Me And Gone
Why You Leave Me All Alone
[BRIDGE - 91 CrazZYi]
Erykah Badu, Who The Heck You
I Cry Inside But I Can't Show Her
I Love Her Lot But She Don't Love Me
Sorry Now, I Wrote Those Lyrics

[Chorus - 6ix9ine]
Yo soy la mera verga, verga
Y también yo soy boricua, grito "puñeta
Si no lo sabía' pa' que lo sepa'
And you ---- , ya soy milloneta

[HOOK - 6ix9ine]
Yo soy el que está sonando, que tiene mando
En la calle to' lo' bloque' estamo' controlando
And you know I'm in the bando, the bando
Ain't no hood that I can't go, I never lay low
Paquete' de ciene', el nene
'Tamo duro con lo' podere'
Escalera', big trump, la .45
Pa' que suene tu tu tu, pah, y to' se mueren (eh)
Pastillita', la chinita
La que le gusta a la' babie', la rosadita
And we got the point .30s, tú necesita'
And we take the whole thing, enterita
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