"New Body (Demo)"

[Chorus: 6ix9ine & Ant Clemons]
Can't wait to see your new body
And you're actin' like you don't know nobody
Nobody count on the new body
Got a new body, old di*k don't count
I'll be the first one to hit the new body
f*ck 'em new titties, them b*tches don't bounce

[Verse: Ant Clemons]
Bought a new body, old di*k don't count
Got some new titties, them b*tches don't bounce
Bought a girlfriend 'cause she was missin' out
Said she need a new ass, let me check in my account
Double dribble on them titties, tryna make them b*tches bounce
Throw on that see-through Fashion Nova, when you steppin' out
Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, we still need you for the style
Yeezy got his confidence and move back to the shot
But that b*tch booty big, got a n*gga hypnotized
Need a shake and the fries, need a super-duper size
Hit Popeyes for the breast, leg, and thighs
But wifey just told me it's room for something on the side
It's funny how product can change the situation
And Yandhi got a dojo for the education
And you could do some yoga for your inner peace, huh
And you should follow wifey for the motivation
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