[Intro: 6ix9ine]
Iver (Uh)

[Verse 1: 6ix9ine]
Ho thicker, diamonds on my neck flicker
Drug dealer, professional pot whipper
Seven figures, got your b*tches f*ckin' quicker
She want a picture, I tell her no, I know she bitter
n*ggas cuttin’ up on the internet
f*ck n*gga, we ain't into that
We end up in your crib where your family at
Got the .40 on my hip, yeah, that's my stick, yeah
She wanna f*ck for a grip, yeah, on my blick, yeah
Couple bands on my sh*t, yeah, I’ma rip, yeah
With the sh*ts, yeah, that's my clique, yeah

[Chorus: 6ix9ine]
MAC-11, 9 milli', ridin' with it (Ridin' with it)
I'ma hit him up, I'ma f*ckin' kill him (f*ckin’ kill him)
Run up on him, masked with a black .40 (Black .40)
Hit ’em in his hoodie, no A Boogie

[Verse 2: Sleiman]
Pu-pu-pull up in the black Benz
Clip for the .9's and the MAC-10’s
Beefy on the molly, n*ggas want my money
But when they see me coming, I can see them n*ggas runnin'
I see them n*ggas runnin'
Let them n*ggas act, 'cause they b*tches they be lovin’, yeah
Blood time, blood rhyme, n*gga, this is blood line
n*ggas gettin' stupid, try to get by
Pu-pu-pull up in the black Benz
Clip for the .9's and the MAC-10's
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