"Thank God I Made It"

[Intro: Benny the Butcher]
Mic check, one-two
Uh-huh (Hit-Boy)
Only can talk about this real sh*t, 'cause that's what I been through
Yeah, yo

[Verse 1: Benny the Butcher]
I was raised by a woman, so shout out to single mothers
Who had to teach their teenage boys to use rubbers
Gettin' calls home from school, then wonderin', why she buggin'
'Cause that's just more stress to add on top of strugglin'
Few things I wanna show you, 'cause I feel like I owe you
You made me the man I am today, I never told you
Dressed me in hand me down 'cause you couldn't afford Polo
How it feel to see your two oldest boys' names on logos?
Had to protect my family, so we played with guns
I can't respect the man who don't raise his son
Then you blame the white man on what they become
A gangster, but reality of it is, you made him one
Real n*ggas look in the mirror and see each other
I look in my nephew eyes and I see my brother
Sometimes I gotta look away 'cause it hurt so much
How that n*gga died so young and he was worth so much? (Damn)

[Chorus: Queen Naija]
Put your hands together for the work of the Most High (Ah-ha, ah-ha)
I put my hands together and I pray, all night (Ah-ha, ah-ha)
'Cause the struggle is real but the hustle is too (Ah-ha, ah-ha)
I'm flippin' my dreams 'til they all come true (Ah-ha, ah-ha)
I thank God I made it, thank God I made it
And you gon' make it too (Ah-ha)
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