Megan Thee Stallion

"BAP wap remix"

You know I got some blessed ass pus*y ( Queen sh*t b*tch)
Ain't no disrespect to god ( Queen)
Freak b*tch ion f*ck no cheap sh*t ( ion f*ck with no cheap )
Ion f*ck with no weak hoes
Cancel that b*tch like nino ( cancel that)
Line n*ggas up like a free throw
Clown n*ggas drown like they can't swim
Imma take a man like it ain't him
It work out like a fake gym
I f*ck on him like I hate him
Trip his ass up then i race him
b*tch get a bag then escape him
You got good pus*y then you replace him ( replace ass motherf*cker)

Cause he know I got some wet ass pus*y , ain't no disrespect to God i got some blessed ass pus*y
It's that n*ggas in they feelings and they chest ass pus*y
It's that im single but he still gon invest ass pus*y (facts facts facts)
If you knew better b*tch you a do better its a eating pus*y
Competition who chew better ? ( oh you make me c*m)
Its only one way to find out
Yeah b*tch i'm gifted , f*cking all night my wig lifted
Raw ass b*tch my kids gifted
pus*y so good my kids triplets
And i get it flip it , ion give a f*ck if you wit it , ian gon split it , bounce on his di*k i'm dripping
Do a back bend i'm flipping
Do a backend i'm cashin
Hoes talking sh*t i'm laughing
Told him come here lemme ride it
Gimme yo di*k imma hide it
Get real wild let another b*tch find it
Ion suck di*k let another b*tch chime in
I got my own money
That n*gga can't see my face
Unless his ass gotta rode for me ( unless there's some hoes fa me)
Ion date i get ate ( there's some hoes in this house )
Eat the cake anime ( it's some hoes in this house)
Freak b*tch ion f*ck with no cheap sh*t
pus*y in his face then I'm bussin like a grape ( Facts)
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