Megan Thee Stallion


[Intro: Beyoncé]
Queen B, want no smoke with me (Okay)
Been turnt, this motherf*cker up eight hundred degree (Yeah)
My whole team eat, chef's kiss, she's a treat (Mwah)
Ooh, she so bougie, bougie, bon appétit

[Verse 1: Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé & Both]
I'm a savage (Yeah), attitude nasty (Yeah, ah)
Talk big sh*t, but my bank account match it (Ooh)
Hood, but I'm classy, rich, but I'm ratchet (Oh, ah)
Haters kept my name in they mouth, now they gaggin' (Ah, ah)
Bougie, he say, "The way that thang move, it's a movie" (Ooh-oh)
I told that boy, "We gotta keep it low, leave me the room key" (Ooh-oh)
I done bled the block and now it's hot, b*tch, I'm Tunechi (Ooh-oh)
A mood and I'm moody, ah

[Chorus: Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé]
I'm a savagе, yeah (Okay)
Classy, bougie, ratchet, yеah (Okay)
Sassy, moody, nasty, yeah (Hey, hey, nasty)
Acting stupid, what's happening? (Woah, woah, woah, what's happening?)
b*tch, what's happening? (Woah, woah, okay)
b*tch, I'm a savage, yeah (Okay)
Classy, bougie, ratchet, yeah (Ratchet)
Sassy, moody, nasty, huh (Nasty)
Acting stupid, what's happening? (Woah, ooh-oh)
b*tch, what's happening? (Ayy, ah, ooh-oh)
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