Megan Thee Stallion

"Cry Baby"

[Intro: Megan Thee Stallion]
Real hot girl sh*t
(d.a. got that dope)

[Chorus: DaBaby]
That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby
Her friends and mom hate me (Go)
Lay down on the bed, do the crybaby (Mmm)
She ain't gave me none of that pus*y in a while
She had the boy waitin', I don't mind waitin' (Come here)
Oh, you ain't gon' respond to my texts? (Oh, yeah?)
Want me keep on my diamonds, we sex? (What's your name?)

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
Keisha? (Kei), Jasmine? (Jas), Kiera? Megan? (Go)
Lisa? Ashley? (Ashley), Sierra? Sarah?
She got her hands on her knees with her ass in the air, ooh, that lil' b*tch a player
If her friends ain't around to record it, she bend over, shake that lil' ass in the mirror
Like goddamn, what a n*gga gotta do for your number?
Shawty came through with that head so good, I said f*ck it, I ain't usin' no rubber
Way she make that ass bounce, think I love her
Got that ass and that mouth from her mother
Type to make your bae mad, you in trouble
NBA playoffs that ass, it's a bubble
Uh-uh, uh-uh, come here, come here, uh-uh
Throw that ass back, come here, come here
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