Megan Thee Stallion

"Go Crazy"

[Intro: Megan Thee Stallion]
Real hot girl sh*t

[Verse 1: Megan Thee Stallion]
Okay, the hate turned me to a monster, so I guess I'm evil now (I’m evil now)
Woke up and I blacked out everything so I can see it now (See it now)
I'm on that demon time, it's only right I cop the Hellcat (Skrrt)
They always hit me where it hurt, but this time, I felt that (Ow)
Why I gotta prove myself to b*tches that I’m better than? (Huh?)
As if I wasn't at radio stations goin' Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan)
As if this f*ckin' body isn't everything they buyin' ('Thing they buyin')
And as if a n*gga didn’t shoot me and they pickin’ sides (Baow)

[Chorus: Megan Thee Stallion]
I'll be back, I’m 'bout to go crazy
I ain't pullin' up ’less them hoes finna pay me ('Less them hoes finna pay me)
b*tch, I'm the sh*t, and I ain't gotta prove it (I ain't gotta prove it)
Finna go dumb since these hoes think I'm stupid
I'm 'bout to go crazy, crazy
I'm 'bout to go crazy, crazy
b*tch, I'm 'bout to go

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
I hit once, I hit twice, now it's a habit, I go Cassius (Woah, woah)
Your ex n*gga made you crazy, this di*k make you psychopathic (Straight up)
If the sextape leak and everyone see, know it's gon' be a classic (Classic)
But don't forget how quick I'll crop you out and change the caption (Quick)
Strictly raised by pimpin', not by simpin', show no sympathy
If they hate you for being you, they not secure in they identity (Damn)
Me, myself, and I, she treat me like the Holy Trinity (Woah)
f*ck a Birkin, give you a business, boss you up, now you can buy ten of these (What we doin'?)
sh*t, whatever I say
Run your city, now it's mine for however long I stay
b*tch play me, well, that's my bad for ever lettin' her play
My mama prayin' for me, she better pray for whoever in my way (Boy)
Now how many besties done upped and left me? (Huh?)
Who claimed they my dawg and just my pet peeves (Huh?)
Who tried to double back and triple-text me
f*ck I look like stressin' over these hoes that stress me? Lil' b*tch
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