Iso (AI) lyrics


Lil Tecca

Woah, shawty wanna f*ck but we can take it iso
If I hit it on a n*gga and yeah I know
Been up in bag yeah I get it on go
Tay-K saw a opp he gon up that pole
Tay-K saw a opp he gon up that pole
I just f*cked your thot then I kicked her out the rose
They ain’t seen all these bands I know
They ain’t even been up in plans I know
I got so much water, I got checks in my clothes
G-Shock and I’m finna up that pole

Tay-K saw a opp he gon heat go
f*ck n*gga playing we gon let heat blow
I’m in with your thot and I know she blow
If I catch a opp put him on the post
If a catch a opp take him off the scene
Know the 5.56 and the tip is green
Catch you lacking you get hit with beam
Hold up, Tay-K he a shooter gеt you done for a fee

(Lil Tecca)
Oh I know, n*ggas steady watching on mе
And my b*tch is a dummy not a standup on scene
I’m addicted the money yeah, might od
Yeah she f*ckin with the Marge
She gon like my jeans
I know everything in my life [?] like a psycho
I got what you want when you don’t got it
You a psycho
When the door [?] I can take you to a light show
Shorty f*ckin round we can take it down iso
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