Lil Tecca

"Hola Amigo*"

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[Intro: Lil Tecca]
You know what I'm sayin'?
What's the word?

[Verse 1: Lil Tecca]
.223 hit that boy in his melon
Boy, you a b*tch, you think you a felon
Six full in the clip, n*gga, like I'm [?]
I'm on my grind, n*gga, like a railin'
You f*ck with the wrong n*gga, yeah, he bailin'
Every line, I'm 'bouta punch in
Look, look, don't touch it
You brought one, I brought a bunch in
All white cast like The Brady Bunch
I don't even like rappin', this sh*t ain't fun, yeah
Uh, but I'm still number one, huh
I was born number one, yeah
Finessin' these n*ggas for fun
Bro got a Glock and it came wit' a drum
I know I'm 'bout to blow-ow-ow, are you dumb?
I can't f*ck these b*tches, n*gga, like a nun
You n*ggas is sweet like a honey bun
You n*ggas is sweet like a Jolly Rancher
AR gon' turn a n*gga to a prancer
She gettin' nasty like Dirty Diana
That shorty, she suckin' and f*ckin' on camera
You talkin' to me? Better have your man
The di*k give her nutrients like a banana
I clean the block, n*gga, like a janitor
Shout out the cashier 'cause they ran it up
Got too much racks, gotta band it up
He talkin' sh*t on my live, I'ma ban him, uh
Off 30 milligrams just for the stamina
She givin' neck, don't bite like Dracula
He talkin' that hot, n*gga, we gon' pack him up
Got too many cards, n*gga, like it's Pokémon
Got hot as the block, can't think 'bout another bond
I can't even drive, I went bought another car
I been that n*gga, man, he said I was Hollywood
Got a 'lil Arab b*tch from Bollywood

[Verse 2: XanMan]
Ayy, hola amigo, f*ck is you Spanish?
My OG still got water like Atlantic
That chopper make a n*gga pray like a mantis
b*tch, I got the stick from Hamilton
Had my first stick, I was in the tenth grade
I'm really out here, all these n*ggas b*tch made
I cut that sh*t in half like a sensei
My n*ggas be shootin' sh*t like they in FaZe
We stick up that n*gga, give him a temp fade
Glock smashin', trick a b*tch, call her silly rabbit
Shoot everybody, I ain't tit for tattin'
Muzzle flash make you miss, what’s happenin'?
My China plug, he got killed in action
Shooter with dreads, XXXTENTACION
He thought he had a Perc, I gave him aspirin

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