Lil Tecca

"You Mad/Like Me*"

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[Intro: Lil Tecca]
You mad
Uh, uh, uh, uh

[Chorus: Lil Tecca]
You mad, you mad
You mad that I'm gettin' these racks
You mad, you mad
You mad that I'm gettin' these racks
You mad, you mad
You mad that I'm gettin' these racks
You mad, you mad
And none of these n*ggas drippin' like me
None of these n*ggas like me
I got your ho f*ckin' with me
I'm f*ckin' these hoes since I'm fifteen
I'm clappin' that sh*t like a f*ckin' piece
I hit Gucci, I need no receipts
Five digits in twenty minutes at sixteen
And, yeah, your b*tch like me
And none of these n*ggas, they like me

[Verse 1: Pasto Flocco]
I got a [?] go down
Dissin' the game, tell lil' n*gga he a clown
Run everyday, told my momma I'm proud
b*tch, I'm feelin' like [?], someone give me the crown
She was fallin' in love, had to tell her slow down
Spinnin' his block, yeah, we goin' around
You know my n*gga not gettin' a pound
Feelin' like [?], screamin' like
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