Lil Tecca


Na na na na (6x), okay
Whatcu want' do, never included
You was my b*tch but you turned to a nuisance
Say that they hate me but still finna view it
Counting these hundreds I'm still [?]
Yeahhh, I'm finna have a blast
Yeahhh, she finna count me last

I'm finna count me first, yeah
Countin' these hunnies first, yeah
Don't wanna keep you, a burden, yeah
Burn n*gga like what's the word
I don't even know what's the word
All these b*tches gon' flirt
Man this sh*t is bezerk, all these b*tches gon' twerk
Shake it, shake it, shake it, twerk, aye
I don't even got no [?], aye
This b*tch wanna be in my [?], aye
Your n*ggas' pockets they hurting, aye
I can show you how to do this, aye
Cause obviously this sh*t is working, aye
Need to pay attention, aye
n*ggas need to start observing, aye
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