Lil Tecca

"Miss Me"

Ah-ah, ah-ah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah-ah, ah-ah

I been ridin' ’round with a hundred in my backseat
I know I'm that guy, I'ma tell you if you ask me (If you ask me)
Always keep in mind if a n*gga tryna tax me
I been doin’ fine, I'ma tell you if you ask me

If you miss me, tell me if you miss me
I got a hundred reasons that you can't get me
You can keep it personal if you got somethin' against me
You ain't healthy, shawty, I'm not ready (Oh yeah)

We steady swerving
She say I'm moving funny, steady curving her
I could tell it that she nervous
She ain't never been around no superstars (Oh)
Change that, pull up
I know you f*ckin’ with the scenеry
You been on time
Still don’t know what you mean to me
I'm just tryna figurе out
How I’ma get me the bigger balance
I might take a different route
Been on my own, we been around
Yeah, that's my bad (My bad), but in my head (My head)
There's a lotta things that I gotta deal with (Deal with)
By my dolo (Dolo), by my lonely (Lonely)
I don't need no one, but want someone to hold me, yeah
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