Lil Tecca

"No Answers"

(She bring her heart to me)
Yeah-yeah, yeah

For all that I been through and all that I'm goin' through next
I'ma always be myself and we gon' count up these checks
And if you don't know the stats, well, we winnin', you can check
God told me, "Stand up," probably because you blessed
I'm worried 'bout my own team, no, we ain't worried 'bout the rest
The world ain't seen it yet, but in my opinion, my team the best
They tryna hold us down, but they don't even know what's up next
I got a hundred shawties hit me likе, "What's going on, Tec?"

That's why we stack in the wintеrtime
And we flex in the summertime, yeah
I don't even give 'em no chances
She just on my line every day
Tryna see how I been
I don't even give her no answers
I don't give her no answers
I don't give her no answers

You don't gotta act stupid with me
She moving funny, I'm thinking it's you or it's me
I was sixteen, I think that she was twenty
Can't never trip on that b*tch 'cause I got plenty
You know that's a fact
I was with my guys, you know we was in the back
Now we skip the line, we don't even need a pass
You was throwing subs, I think you forgot to at (Yeah)
You keep it a hundred, but I'm keeping it a stack, yeah
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