Lil Tecca

"Actin Up"

Lyrics from Snippets

Shawty, why you actin' up? You just gotta move right
I been takin' long flights, hope I got a long life
She gettin' jiggy, she gettin' wavy, she actin' up
You feelin' good, you movin', baby, just back it up
What I say? My n*ggas at the top, you n*ggas are some opps
You n*ggas at the bottom, won't see you now
And look at my jeans, they say Number (N)ine
They say Margiela or Evisu now, we pull up, bling, blaow
I told my shawty she wildin', she want a ring now, it be soon now
Some n*ggas at the top don't wanna see you come up with 'em
They gon' hold you down...
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