Lil Tecca

"8 Minutes & 46 Seconds"

I can't breathe, get off my neck n*gga
Pullin to the deck with patek on neck n*gga
f*ckin' on yo b*tch George Floyd til' I dead n*gga

{Verse 1:}
Poop scoop suck a di*k f*ck the troops
I'm George Floyd f*ck Derek he a jew
n*gga knelt on me f*ck that b*tch he ain't cool
Me and 2Pac in heaven with feloos
Why you gotta stunt on a n*gga who can't breathe
Got my tat (f*ck rats) til' bleed
I'm George Floyd n*gga, can't you read?

{Outro} (Lil Tecca)
Floyd, Floyd, Floyd
Why you so parinoid
Don't get so scared
George Floyd I stole a PS4 for you...
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