Lil Tecca

"Rick Owen"

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2Ezzy on some other sh*t

[Chorus: Lil Tecca]
That Rick Owen, Rick Owen, got my fit on
What she wanna lick on? I bet she could get on
Money can't fit, no, money can't fit, oh
Pull up on your b*tch now, I bet she wanna get on
Rick Owen, Rick Owen, got my fit on
Slide on your ho now, main b*tch p*ssed off
I know that they p*ssed off
She do not know of my wrist, oh
'Til I pull up, she gon' pull over

[Verse 1: Pasto Flocco]
Yeah, Tecca, he rockin' the Prada, I'm rockin' Margiela
They wasn't givin' no hand-out's, me and him got it together
b*tch, I'm dripped like a plumber
Let go, you know how that sh*t go
[?} like a Citgo
[?] got that drip walk
[?} this sh*t is so crazy, I'm the man
She wanna step out, I kick that b*tch out
She was mad that I ain't kissin' her mouth
Shе only want me for the clout
f*ck that ho body, I just want the mouth
Rick Owеn, they wanna know what the fit costs
Balenciaga for big boys
Two-thousand dollars for the sh*t talk
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