Hold This* lyrics


Lil Tecca

Lyrics from Snippet

Brr-ah (Oh, oh)
What you want? (Oh, oh)
Oh my (Uh), ooh (Come on)
Oh my (Uh), ooh (Come on)
Oh my (Uh), ooh (Come on)
Oh my (Uh), ooh (Come on)

You know where she goin' (You know where she goin')
She climbin' that pole, bring it home, yeah
I count up my bonus (I know that I'm loaded)
I give bro a rack, told him, "Hold this" (For sure)
Hold this, I know that you got me
Jamaican like shotta, but she call me papi
Got drugs like a Rasta, put Grabba in Bobbys

My gang gon' call me up, they say, "You don't gotta stress 'cause you up"
I feel like there's somethin' missin', I feel like all this money not enough
I had to do some slimey sh*t to get it, so I relate to n*ggas I don't trust
Everyday, we seen it at the beginnin', so you was late if you was here day one
I put money in places I know it could multiply, you never would know this
You put that bread and it lookin' better on the other side, my money still goin'
Give 'em that vibe that soundin' better in the summertime, I'm the summer [?]
Everything that's on my body, it's probably some archive, I'm pushin' that Lotus
I sat down...
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