Pentagon (KOR)

"동백꽃 (Camellia) (English Translation)"

The season we loved
12 changes, but I’m always the same

The time I spent with you
Turned into beautiful memories
As the cold wind warms up
Hold on tight to you
We are enough now
I’ve seen many seasons
This winter
I hope it’s special

Collect our beautiful stories
When camellia blooms
I want to tell you
Give it brighter even in cold winter winds
As you see, this winter has always been warm

In the cold winter, it’s full of warmth
End of spring summer autumn
To bring new seasons
Organize the drawers of memories
I was happy this year
One of my biggest minds

Remember the first tears I showed you
You and I cried a lot too
It’s too overly degrading to me
Of camellia blooming in this winter
Because it’s like a flower
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