"​you’re my everything"

Three little words come fallin' out my face
It's the little things you do that get me wishing for a taste
I swear your hips divine I'm fine, I'm just gassed
And I cry at night I'm fine, I'm just sad

I feel like rubbish use my room just like a waste bin
I said "I love you" to a girl then she said "Nathan,"
"You're my world, you're my everything"
"I'll be your wife spend my life inside your wedding ring,"

And yeah it hurts real bad when your lovers turn their back
And yeah it cuts real deep when they never say it back
And yeah I cried most nights cause I'd lose more than I gain
But that's life that's fine and it's always been the same

There's these three little words that come spillin' out my mouth
When you stare into my eyes I feel my heart beat pound
It's a dream, something I can't believe
I been fallin' for a baddie but I treat her like a queen

I found love inside a screen
She's the perfect cup of tea
She's the reason I can wake up draw my breath and feel at ease

She's the voice inside my head
Sayin' "everything is fine,"
Everything is perfect when we kiss I freeze time

I finally feel enough now, I don't wanna come down
You're the only girl I think I've ever really loved now
Can I be your man? I'm sayin' like forever
Girl I'm really happy that I found somebody better
I'm glad you think I'm clever

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