The Unthrowboxes

"The Versions Of Bandits (REMIX)"

(Verse 1)
For the last times about you have a sit, drink and eat
So beat it, eat the rest of your pen with feather green
Employed to sleep, we ain't going alone
Leave the ice cream cone in the cress from the gravestone
I will stay awake at the night for go to sleep
My life is dim-witted, I am still alive to take a dream
Took the whole world, sophisticate by dream
Your hermitize the acid to drink and scream
That’ll be expensive by my worthless bratty sisters
Looking for my little wizard for being wickedness
Eventually observe by my worsening the enemy
I can go to this new school like Charlton Park Academy
You begging no chance before you can't disrupt the shop
Probably not have any friends to take a rob
Magical monsters for mythical creatures of the land
Don't be a small man, you can be a big man

The versions of bandits, you will get suspended
To the downtown when you’re going down with bandits
Independent or unfriended, I can't stand it
I have no choice when I'm gonna try to defend it (x2)

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