"Starboy (Remix)"

Tiimmy Turner Yeah Yeah
RNA RNA Yeah Yeah

Tiimmy Turner:
Look I’m a STARBOY
The world is on lockdown
Jiggy’s they run the boy
Like I’m on lockjaw
Nobody knowing the things I’d be doing they callin my phone now
Praying to God for people to know me for what I do now

Lord I
Ii Wanna be the one ay
Praying for my foes now
Never let them know now know now
Lord I
Ii Wanna be the best there is
Never backing down on this b*tch
Never backing down on this sh*t
Never down on this b*tch

I’m feeling so blessed GOD BOY
I’m looking so clean I’m looking so fresh im a STARBOY
Why dem bе hating on me when they know I don’t lock jaws!
I’m running it big I’m looking so frеsh I’m a STARBOY
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