Vanilla Ice

"Intro/Ice Is Working It [Extremely Live]"

[Verse 1]
Yo! here comes the intro
It's time to let it go
I live the life of my rhyme, I think i’ll let it show
So, keep it goin' so the mic can stay warm
Then I know i've been doin’ my job cause there'll be sweat pourin'
So pick and choose your weapon but don't slip
I'm here to kill you boys with the flex of my mic grip
So pump your fist like this, but don't miss
The hook and the break when you decide to dance to this
Lyrical concept that's meant for the dance floor
I know you adore cause that's what you came for
The ice rhymer is back and livin’ large
And when I’m at a show you better wear camouflage
Cause there was plenty who thought I couldn't swing this
But now all I get from the crowd is just a pumped fist
So sing along with the chorus cause it’s a hit
Or stay at home alone cause ice will be workin it

[Hook 2x]
Work it, work it, work it, work it, work it, work it, work it
Work it work it, ice, yea! c'mon and work it baby

Go white boy, go white boy, go!
Check out the hook. vanilla ice, yep, yep
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