Avi x Louis Villain

"Where Were You At"

Verse 1 Shaquees: You Wasn't There For Me When I Needed You The Most Where Were You At When I Was Flipping Them I f*cked Up The Pot with the folk (I f*cked Up The Pot with The Folk) I was in the kitchen trying to make things Right I had to get it on my own ain't nobody wouldn't help me out so I started making songs so I started making sooonggs. Remember I Was In The Trap Flipping The Packs and Yo b*tch Ass Snitch on me and that's Sad to know yo own homies will switch up on you they gave my n*gga 7seven 25 and my tre and my n*gga Tre tooooo. They was some real n*ggas they showed me how to flip a pack and sell brinks remember I came up off hitting licks and sell them brinks I'm not gonna lie when I was in the Cop Car I'm crying like momma please help me I was down and broke it was a bad feelin had to stack it to a milli just to feed my lil chillien (Aye, Aye)

Hook 8: Where Were You At

Verse 2 Esavv: Down Bad Got Hit For A O Caught Me With A Low Blow I Was Locked In The Cold Collect Call Ain't Go Though Ain't Nobody Even Home I Was Feeling All Alone My Down b*tch Did Me Wrong what the f*ck is going on sh*t turn me to a Savage imma let a b*tch have it momma all in my business I got dope in the mattress damn she found out where I stash it baby momma sh*t worse swear she wants me in a herse write my name on the dirt I still did what I could I'm still doing what I should they miss treat me while I'm here but they gone miss me while I'm gone (They Gone Miss Me While I'm Gonnnneee) Hella Feelings got strong been smoking all night long liquor got a n*gga faded keep me clutchin on my chrome like who the f*ck is at the door prescription pills got me tripping family say I ain't listen closes n*ggas wanna diss me put my mind on a mission I put one though his fitted. (Claaa claaaa). Why n*gga make me wanna get s hit like that pus*y boy you a b*tch ain't built like that talk my sh*t cause I'm lit and stiff like that alotta n*ggas ain't really got strength like that running up though them trenches all though the town that young n*gga snitching he can't be around remember days I was broke I ain't even have style no voice in the street I ain't even have sound jump right off the porch a n*gga got down got tired of these n*ggas talking reckless see got tired of them b*tches tried to flex on me I'm devil to these n*ggas like a Hex on me imma pull a plug for I let a n*gga do it first I live life everyday like n*gga in the purge but they still telling me it could be worse

Hook 16: Where Were You At

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