"All the Things You’re Searching For"

[Intro: Ashley Benson & G-Eazy]
Um, okay, great
So let's move on from that
Um, okay, great
(Mm-hmm, I'm just hangin')
We gotta play it one more time

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
If there's a quick fix, lemme know where I could buy it at
Where you been my whole life? The f*ck have you been hidin' at?
Hundred dollar bills rolled up, she go get high with that
Tiny bag of blow, a lot of trouble packed inside of that
Think about the moment I decided I loved you
I got nowhere to run to, uh
And it's too late, we can't undo
I feel like you're the one, there's only one you
I down a glass of water, crush a pill in it, uh
This life is crazy, they say, "Deal with it"
I been in my head and I'm still in it
So dark, you probably could develop film in it
Uh, and that means pitch black

The best sex I ever had, I can't forget that
If I go a day without you, then I'll miss that
I'll lose my mind before I lose you, I can't risk that

[Chorus: G-Eazy, Kossisko, & Ashley Benson]
If you choose to go open up this door
You'll find yourself with more than you bargained for
Win, lose, draw, you can't even up your score
I hope you find all the things you're searchin' for
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