"Fnaf VR: The Truth"

Look deep inside
This joking game
If you're sure you'll find
Everything you've been looking for

Our team decides
The content that's in store
So why are you expecting more

Thinking nothing as it seems
Visions to murder mysteries
It's like you think all this is true

So don't look any further
Or deal with glitchy lurkers
Disappointment lies in wait for you

Nothing's changing
Fear is ranging from a night of childlike fright
To a one man show with phantom eyes

Truth won't find you
What will you do when you try your best to sleuth
But learn nothing's there and that's the truth

So find a sign
Create your perfect theory
If that helps confirm
Some meaning to an end

Some realization
Lost in Translation
There's nothing here for you

You think you finally have a lead
From voices in a glitchy feed
But this has all been done for fun

They tell you about a creature
With some humanistic features
But whatever that is, ain't true

Get the point yet?
Burn those cassettes
Going down this road is pain
Cuz it's fiction, fake, it's just a game

Don't go further
Into a merger
Cuz if what you think is true
There won't be a happy end in store for you

Seems like you won
The deed is done
You freed him from a cage
Now your stuck performing on the stage

Nothing changes
Fear, it ranges
There was much in store to do
But you didn't listen to us now, did you?

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