"One Inch Wonder"

And I was one, one inch high
(I'm the size of my nose and my nose was normal size)
My golly, I'm one inch tall
(Look on the bright side, now my bed's king size)

As I tried to take my toast out of the toaster
I could sense that something was wrong (was wrong)
I got thrown into a wall (a wall)
I could hear my bones crackling as I shrunk painfully
They said to see a shrink, this wasn't what they meant

Oh no, I'm a small boyo
Honey, I shrunk myself
I got beat up by a squirrel
Now live in a loaf of bread
I'm smol, smol, smol
Short boy moment

One, one inch high
(Tiny, very smol, look how teeny I am)
My golly, I'm one inch tall
(I used the toilet as a pool)

Oh god it's an ant! (It's an ant!)
Looks like it's time to wrestle an ant
And then I wrestle with a ant
I punched an ant in its stupid ant face

I kissed an ant on the lips
Me and the ant are in love
I married an ant, him smol
And I said "You like jazz?"
I've got big pants

How many microns does it take to find love?
Because the only thing that didn't truly shrink was my heart
So I'm smol, oh no, yeah, I'm fine with that
Things look different from down here

What is a man?
Not bhed, good soize!
Teeny tiny, itty bitty, short and sweet
I'm a small boy, drink me, epic gamer moment boys (Woah)
At least I'm still taller than Tom Cruise

And I was one, one inch high
(I nearly drowned in a puddle)
My golly, I'm one inch tall
(I'm riding dust bunnies into the sunset, y'all)
One inch wonder, ooh!

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