"Love Isn’t Fair"

Cryin' on the floor
I can't take it anymore
Thinkin' bout you
Every second, every day

It's gettin' harder to breathe
In my own captivity
No more sweet symphonies
Leave me to my fantasies

Why won't they stop telling me
I need to move on?
I need to move on
But I can't move on

Don't let me fall to my depression
Can't help that you're my new obsession

Oh, I wish you could be with me
Wish you would care
And now I need a remedy
'Cuz love isn't fair

Call me immature
I think you're the only cure
Come back to me
'Cuz there ain't no other way

It's gettin' harder to see
Everything in front of me
Bittersweet symphonies
Girl you got me on my knees

Why won't they stop telling me
Stop singin' this song?
I'm singin' this song, cuz I can't move on

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