"Siren Head Vs. Cartoon Cat"

[Round 1: Gianni Matragano] - Siren Head
I'll leave this cartoon cut, because this timeline is all mine
Don't need a full verse I can take your nine lives in nine lines
And my mind is actually blown, 'cause this creature concept couldn't be worse
A discount disney creepypasta call you abandoned by dreamworks
Takin' a look at this gross slob
It ain't no wonder your show flopped
You're a kiddy cartoon, so, it's no shock
That you built up a fanbase with roblox
You ain't got an actual kill to your name
It's a shame that you're thinkin' I'm worried
Comparing the numbers I've slain, you're most frightening facet
Is forming a fandom of furries
You're dirty so scurry right back down your halls
I'll literally shut down your mall
I ain't seen a Felix this goofy, since PewDie
But when you get canceled you'll fall
Try to rap me, when you're stuck on the screens
Of the silent TVS, I'm astounded
'Cause just like the era, you're based on, I'm killing you off
When I'm bringin' the sound in

[Round 1: CG5] - Cartoon Cat
If you think you'll shut me down
I will make this mod fallout
You're not so very scary
Even Long Horse rides you out of town
If splicing snippets from air waves
Is all that you like to say
Then I'm not losing against Bumblebee
Produced by Michael Bay
You are the pole broadcastin' my show
Better thank me, that you're on the map now
Don't be so jealous, that I'm in the spotlight
While you're blendin' into the background
I'm pouncin' on any prey foolish enough to set foot in my Den's darkest depths
You bum around in the woods of Indiana
Go play hide and scream with rednecks
While I'll leave your whole body bed
My limits are stayin' unchecked
Henderson said, I'm his strongest creation
While you lose to anyone deaf
Your lack of eyes denotes, you've never seen a show this graphic
This episode's so savage, that this verse will be redacted
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