"Lyin’ 2 Me"

[Verse 1]
Oops, they done did it again
Another mate dead, misplaced his head
Oh, who could it be?
I mean, it definitely wasn't me
No clue where that charlatan ran?
I've been around the Skeld, only know too well
Villain vampires want fresh blood
So now everyone's sus

Are you crawling 'round the vents
Or can you prove your innocence?

Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lyin' there!
Don't go lyin' to me
Don't go lyin', don't go lyin'
I ain't gonna let there be
No more dyin', no more dyin'
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lying therе!
It was right there!

[Verse 2]
So Jordan was in Medbay, Elliе in elec
Jerome was roaming through the hallways
Guess we gotta, gotta do a triple-check
It ain't the killer's holiday
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