Think About You* lyrics


Ray Vaughn

Lyrics from snippet

Same thing [?] the same without you
I know you probably think I don't think about you
But I do think about you
I even thught you how to play left 4 dead
I don't wanna play this game without you
I don't wanna look back in my life and say
"look how far I done came without you"
Let it all, I don't wanna face the music
I wanna turn it off
I hate I brought [?] to you to build a wall
How come I gotta reach voicemail when I reach [?]
And when I'm...
Who is that in your background?
Nah, that's a n*gga, tell him I did you dirty but you still love my filthy draws
I hope you ain't letting him hit it raw
'Cause I'll pull up to the crib and finish [?]
f*ck that, feelings for me need to be reinstarted and...
Who in the hell even told you to turn your feelings off? and
What you mean by "I ain't let you talk"?
You just tell that n*gga, whoever he is
When I catch him, I'ma beat his ass
Ah sh*t, my bad, why you ain't just say it was your dad?
I hope you ain't having [?] speaker
I hope you know that you a keeper
It's like the stronger you get for you
Your feelings torwards me just get weaker
Now i'm watching your page like a creeper
Praying you don't find another n*gga that love you back-
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