Young Pisces

"Lean (Jolene Remix)"


*Jolene sequence


You’re the one that brought the light to my life
You’re the reason, you’re the reason I felt high all the time
Now you’re leaving, now you’re leaving me to cry up inside
Gave you my heart, now I’m lost and I don’t care if I die
I’m in pain, I’m still cold from all the nights in the rain
Lost my mind, every night, I was going insane
Try to find some more distractions from the thoughts in my brain
Like the cars, and these diamonds flashing up on my chain
What you mean? Girl, don’t act brand new
You’re the only f*cking reason that I’ve been feeling blue
A cup full of lean, better yet make it 2
Cheers to Jolene, babygirl this for you





I don’t know what to do
Playing 20 questions while I talk to the moon
I just need the M’s and I’m hoping it’s soon
I’ve got plenty to win
I’ve got nothing to lose
I just need a new penthouse
With a hell of a view
I wish I could have love
But my feelings gone numb
Like I was on some drugs
From what I’ve been thru
Nowadays I feel lost
Like I ain’t got a clue
I’ve been feeling depressed
Let it out on a tune
I guess our love ain’t the same
I wish I learned that sh*t soon
Cause we ain’t meant to be
At least according to you
I ain’t do this for me
It was always for you



*Jolene Sequence

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