Youppi x Youppi - Levai (English translation) lyrics


Youppi x Youppi

Useless rapper.. I see you from an aerial tramway
I don’t need to do much effort .. I just talk and eliminate you
Go play with someone on your level there’s no place for the little in my stadium
The Problem is in your genetics, a Generic rapper
God had mercy on you before you sneezed
I’ll pull it out and hit you before you make a mistake
And I’m not sure that you don’t work as a hooker
You appeared in Ardiya (tv channel) more than Wassila ba3tich
We’re the ones of Adha not christmas, (In Adha fеstival a sheep is sacrificed)
When you get sobеr you’ll understand the poem
You talk about marseille more than Ultra one
You’re like a second class foreigner go sing L. A. BOWEN
When the beef ends i’ll throw you in the stock
Your career in a stop, in just two bars
Circling in a loop, he’s foolish as f*ck
He says he’s like snoop dogg, but he is only like a dogg

You kind kid you grew up and grew your horns
Take care of yourself don’t try to look tough
You’re not at all friendly you don’t have a team
They know you as Flenn I know you as flan (Flan means Jelly)

You risk it thinking you’re savage, tell them that I’m your fear
You seem to me like a curdon, you need oatmeal
Even a Flood can’t clean the sh*t under you
With your moustache you seem to me like a cop
And now why are you making mistakes
You inspire from Tunisia you’re full of bullsh*t
He wanted to go in ‘belti’, he went in ‘jelti’
The poor guy hid and he’s not at all showing up
Baby you’re pretty and you have homo symptoms
You talk about risk and you work as a uber driver
Deep and who is it that made him matter ?
Pretty girl and the tattoo looks good on you
You get slapped in slow motion
You’re not scary you spread estrogen
Bro Youppi doesn’t have a chef
No one saw any bad act from him
When I diss you you’ll be confused if it’s a track or you got ambushed by a SWAT team
They’re all dramatic they made movies
My friends and not a camera that recorded
With us you know who is the teacher
When I get angry try to figure out how to get away 1000 meters
Your music is full of aesthetics
Like you’re bringing it from Beirut
When you toughen up you look like Ellisa
When you stay calm you look like feiruz
You got in a bad trip I stretch panties
Follow me and it will end quickly
In my game believe me you’ll only get smashed
Category of Rebicca (influencer) you have the same fanbase
There’s sodomy in you, diving in sh*t
If you were to tattoo a code bar, you’ll be read as worthless in my machine
Why are you squatting there are bald men behind you
Slaps rhyme in your face, I tame you, you feel like you’re a husky
Bring new things, flags are outdated
I see you and I feel like coughing in your face
You’ll say I wish I got hit by a semi truck
Better than Youppi in mutsaski
You’re afraid of us you go diss Skimi
Like a bit** calling with private number
When I pass by you you better pull up your hoodie
I hide you, second season of corona
Cold hearted and his ass is furious and heated
You’re sticking me like a saliva
Adel Immam in “halazouna” (codemic poem)
What made you sit in tabouna (furnance)
I have words, you have softness
You remind me of sheryfa Luna
You regret it forever
I’ll inject pain in you to heal in your heart
I don’t evade the f I like flowers
Respect is imposed on you, you started and came to the fight with your face
When we remove you, you grew back up again like the hair that grows up in the butt

We went outside and didn’t find you
You look sweet don’t act stubborn
You also die if we don’t water you
We pee on your straight face
He launched and didn’t brake
He hit a wall I think he’s drunk
You’re spoiled and we didn’t eat you
Even though we like cheeses
This is a polite disstrack I’m busy
And moles in your chest are like blackberries
You look like the kind who would snitch to the teacher in primary school
You’re the one who got fooled by my silence
And today i’ll bring you to stay the night
Your music is a remix of Smati (Rai Dj)
Masochist that likes cougars
Hundreds tasted my slap before you
My words can’t be priced
Now you look like a fountain of a rapper
You just throw everywhere you get yourself in trouble
We saw you in many concerts, sponsored by the government
You still play it off as Anti-Government, ACAB only in Gta
My pirate woke up, it’s blood is volcanic
You’re like a trophy of Hayreddin Barbarossa
Now All of Algeria will remember you my career is scary my war is brutal
Maybe you’ll see Youppi on fire
You crawl on the ground and you say I’m flying
I think you took a lot of Pregabalin
I’ll make you sit on a mountain with the width
I dont do usury I don’t give you the loan
Doctor OG will take away your sickness
Invitation is a Sunna, but accepting it is an obligation
With us you look like you’re running in mud
When I diss I shake the ground
Put on your uniform and follow the lesson
I was afraid to oppress an orphan
But he started it and made me angry
Foolish from a long time ago
You’re sitting on the mark I’m afraid to throw you
And my feet throws up
We respected you but you’re not worthy of respect
You found the one who has a German Pencil
Because of you Algerian rap is suffering
Who’s this again ? he saw I did a feat with Issac
He got jealous and unfollowed me
MY dEaR UnFrEinDed mE
MY dEaR sO SeLfisH
My mucus spits are tough in your face
Dove won’t do anything to it
My pen has an Ak attached to it
My tongue is an Sks Siminov
Absent go get your paper
Fuc* your purple bills

Fifi si tu savais (baby if you knew)
How much love is in my heart

Diss from (Slap production)
In the machine you can’t check the option
Long Diss MBC Action
I feel bad for the ones who do Reaction videos
You’ll end up like Nimrod, your face will be full of shoes
Now why you have a straight face, you pay to remove the link
Since you wake up you talk about Europe like your name is nikola
Since you wake up you talk about the conditions, you completely ruined it
The ball is mine, legend like pélé
Since you wake up you say I’m chikoura
With me you became a chikoula (chocolate)
It’s you who wanted your name to be erased
You wanted me to pull out the stick
We hit with it whoever disobeyed
And the donkey of the school
Og Matrix bullets are useless on me
I’ll roll your life in a blunt
Son of the mountains I’m not shy of my origins
I have a place for you in my chicken hun
Your heart is dirty with hate
My diss is like a soap
We see you like an object we put you in a bag
You and your streams and everyone else
Beef with me, stop and tie my shoes
Youppi’s meat is rough
Beef with you is like Fifa in easy mode
Come where are you going
You’ll regret it if I put you in my mind
I’ll erase your chassis
I talk or not i’ll give you the juice
I start to decide your destiny
With me there’s no easy difficulty
In Rebta (song from flenn) you run out of words
In this beef you’re not classed
Nottingham you’ll stay a part of the past
You can’t see i’ll dress you glasses
I emerged myself like a indian
Look for your ancestry flenn Afendi
You’re turkish, take it from me
Here’s the flag that you need to put
Don’t pretend like you’re a bandit
From the past I bring you to the present
I’ll teach you and remove the stupidity from you

Male toilet tell me what are you doing here
I cut heads and I sign in them
Father of the game even I go like Tupac
I destroyed Didin the F….t
Now here Didin the quiet
You sung about love more than Cheb Hasni
And in the beef you think you’re tupac ?
We buy it from you make us a price
Your hand in a cup in a tournament in the hood
You’re not dissing you’re moaning
You look like a hateful old woman
I’m a well raised man I say : god have mercy on your deceased one (Flenn mother that passed away)
My advice is pray for her don’t sing, maybe she’ll be proud of you today
You talk about me many times but when I come to you pretend like you did nothing
You like to be in woman’s game there’s something wrong with
We saw you running away from a fan, you’re not humble you’re zero
Don’t worry he came to take a picture, not take your number
I sat in my home and his fear reached me, he attacked me and hid himself
He run away from the beef just to not see him, come back I’m the one who decide
He’s praising himself we smelled the worthlessness coming from you
We keep going like this you’ll commit suicide
With us you pretend like you’re a star, with neighbours keep being submissive
I won’t get anything out of this beef
Repeat and eradication
In the war of rap I look like like achilles you look like the trojan princess
To make a mistake you need to prepare
You got caught by Levi
I make fun of you you’re not a rival
You get scored on by balls
You got hit by a train
When the angel turns into a demon
Weak rapper and a weirdo
Free fire character
Dissing is my job and my tongue is my sword
You wanted to start your own loss
I talk reality not films
I don’t care about views
You kept referring to me and I turned a blind eye
When you got K.Oed your TV got turned off

He has a pen with period blood
Just prepare your head for the gun
Old fashioned your place is the museum
Take wear the pads and I’m not abusing

He has a pen from period blood
Just prepare your head for the gun
Old fashioned your place is the meuseum
Take wear the pads and I’m not abusing

He has hormones this guy has hormones
He has hormones this guy has hormones
He has hormones this guy has hormones
He has hormones this guy has hormones

We didn’t care about you even though you wanted a feat
You’re the type that wears calson don’t be fittif with us
Your songs are with weather news you sing summer in the winter
To fall from Burj khalifa is better than falling with me on a beef
You Boy! I think they prayed against you
Many people before you tried n failed
You feel like your anus is stretched and diarrhoea came down flowing
Like all Algeria f***** you and you have nothing left
Run! Don’t look behind you, you feel like you’re in cross country running
You lack testosterone unlike me, differentiate between your nose and mine (nose means Ego)
Stop your métafaibles (Weak metaphors) keep on your songs and hurry up
Like a girl is singing out of you when you stand on the mic

(This part is basically language and letters play, maybe you’ll understand:
Respected without the R , you’re higher but with the L
You seem to me like a fannot with the N being G
You’re the best look but H being Z
Taste my letters in a soup
You give hourma with H being T
You’re a dome but before the D is a TH
Dont play with me when it comes to spelling
You have a voice of dome and after the D add a 9
I play with language and letters of Youppi with all the wit
What is it that made you refer to me ? I was all good with everyone
Now your life is between my hands after it was between yours
Women consume your songs more than they consume lipstick
Follow my advice make an album and sell it cosmetics shop
Your battery run, sit down and bite it
Now you need to go face to face with me referring to me won’t anything
You did and did a lot and you still seem little
Your brain is smaller and smaller than Didin’s brain
He likes a dozen women this guy brain is multimedia
He likes to sit alone and run after the media
Hiding he has the vibe of numidia

Baby, baby we know each other
Baby, baby El capone has gotten mad
Baby, baby he unfollowed me in insta
Baby, baby he thinks he’s montana tony

He died in 2015 and wants to be immortal
He’s coming to explode he’s like a firecracker in the festival
We make fun of him today we commit many sins
I’m afraid he’ll be mad of us and he pulls out his pu**y

He found the one who’s like why would I blame him ?
Gililili he loves mystery so much
We eat people and we come to you, we fast
He made a concert and it seems to me like a Pride March
With two earrings, a babe with only one that’s not enough
In this age there’s no more rough ones in Algerian Rap
He thinks he’s hot furious now bring him to see the reel oven
I water the ground with your blood I grow a tree of idiots
He calls me for one hour talking to me with private number
He fu***d my head and I’m all sleepy I just say yes
I wanted him to shut up, not stutter and hurry up
Youppi dissed you now add this to your CV
Don’t let him fool you this life is not only references
Not everyone is a treacher like they make you imagine
Not like him he’s mentally ill and don’t face people
He fool you and make you all like him
You and the worry are related
He lives in the past and he doesn’t know the indicative
He keeps complaining god have mercy !
His songs are full of negative energy
Just like you say in Algiers bina ghir ma tetga3edch (don’t try to fool us)
Rap game is mine, it’s okay swim and don’t go far
We made Real rap and Youppi never lay down
We brought the voice of people you can’t even bring it to a woman
Keep growing your hair you’ll finish it in Metal
I won’t find anything to bite out of you if I was a Cannibal
This Disstrack is for you and I’m not friendly
Other than in my di** they couldn’t find your hand
The story is we meet up with you in a cruise ship
“You look like a softy” they told me this in la la glacière (the hood that flenn is from)
These last years you’re going in reverse
And I would make you an end if you had a career
I’ll throw you out the balcony, He wanted to shave his head bald
Now the slap will sound loud on your head
And the mistake will cost you a lot
Your heart will never be purified
That’s why you’re still yellow faced
When we stick it up your a** go blame the Spam
Since your name was Big M you imitated Double Kanon
Keep fooling people you have many ideas
Welcome to Dz Rap try to read the panel
You all sing about Street when you’re in studio
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