[Chorus: Lava La Rue]
You know that I ain’t blind
I can feel the tension, even when we're not together, even when we talk on facetime
Tell me it ain’t wishful thinking
Tell me, girl, im not wrong
You know that we more than get along baby (baby)

[Verse 1: Lava La Rue]
Lava, lava, I can make you get your dance on
Call me Molly cause I been rolling like a heartthrob
Blaming spirit jus to keep all my lungs warm
I been living off my winnings so fast though, ah
All of that stopped when you caught my eye
So sweet from the top, you hollered at me
So I roll so soft, never play it safe because I know what I want
I could be the girl of your dreams
I could be the ice to your cream
I could be the apple to your eye
So fly when I ride by caramel taste so sweet, woah
But I can’t like, baby benz, I think I like you
Why be friend when we were written like a haiku ?
I’ll take it lightly, but if you like me
I’ma pull you so close, I’d do it rightly
And you and you and you know that you and me both would roll so widely
Scrap a bonnie and Clyde
We bonita and Clyro, I’m the G.O.Y.D
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