Zack Villere


[Verse 1]
It's a big long bridge across the lake
It was the last time I'd drive it
I pulled up outside, started feeling nervous like
Is it really my time?
(Uh uh uh uh)
Downtown LA (Whoop)
Had a long walk home from the parking lot
Thankful I (Thankful I)
Thankful I never got robbed
'Cause I'm weak
If I was anyone else I would've robbed me
Maybe not anymore, I've been working out

Well time moved faster, didn't it?
Or was I too caught up in looking back, thinking?
Everything in my life will be perfect now
I moved 'cross town, forgive me
I was having fun, but wasn't happy with it
Had to get somе time to myself
(To mys-)

[?] beforе they arrived
[?] before they arrived
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