​chestnut tree lyrics



Chestnut tree in the yard
Rainy day

I can only go where the rain let me
Floating down the flood it stream winds heavy
(?) trap nothing always been ready
Ive been everywhere like and old chevvy
Eyes heavy, i dont wanna get to loose with it
I get insecure then im calling sh*t
Thats a copy, thats a fake
Im spewing sh*t
When will i ever learn that its all music
A song belong to the one who created it
Not my place to go claim that sh*t
Feeling mad selfish
It all boils down to me not thinking im not worth stealing sh*t
Its sad
It came togеther around me full circle
Thе closest people are the ones who turn around and hurt you
The closest liars tend to start this sh*t and come alert you
Just to watch you cry when the ending burn you
That dudes not rude its that dude
f*cking over friends in a good mood
Thats how you know its f*cked up
When dude is feeling great from leaving other ties cut
Its shameful
Thats my piece, thats my analysis of some problems in me
Takes time to change some of the problems in me
Mad failed attempts in years of leaving them be
Its f*cked up
But thats just me
When i see all the details that you can't see
I wonder why people would like me
But i shouldn't question it
More please im selfish
My bad i can't help it
Bad vibes that hit me
I might deserve it
Bout time i felt it
f*cked up relations
Sad to say i shaped them
Had to help to break them
I didn't know but i backed the villain
Ooooh didn't even notice set the mood
Thats why i sound right
Cause i dont sleep right
Cause i dont eat good food
Its like trust
Its just junk
And this heathen is just a thump
It feels bad but not for long
Im mortalized with this music
Its never long
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