"After You (Demo)"

What's happenin', Steve?
Hmm, beep

Ni-ni-n*gga wanna show his ass like a baboon (Like a f*cking baboon)
Now he's a hashtag, now he's a tattoo (Now you're a tattoo)
Now his b*tch's ass on my di*k, bathroom (In the f*cking bathroom)
Wanna be a class coon? You'll get ate like fast food (You'll get ate like fast food)
You won't walk, you gon' crawl away like a raccoon (Like a f*cking raccoon)
Hands in the air like a statue
I will shoot you in a classroom (f*cking classroom)
See through you like a glass room
I have nothing to ask you (Gang, what you do?)
One, two, three, call Blast for you
The chopper stock detachable (n*gga, what you wanna do?)
You want beef? Just ask dude
Number (N)ine on my chest and my ass, dude (Gang)
I tote the gat 'cause I have to
You tote it 'cause it's fashionable (Grrah, gang)
Tears in the water unpassable (Skrrt)
We pop out in the afternoon (Skrrt)
This Gosha international
Touch sh*t, bullets come after you (Pew-pew, gang)

She-she-she say, "Give me head," b*tch, after you (b*tch)
Foenem go in first, I'll go after you (Grrah)
You'll-you'll-you'll get robbed for your flashy shoes
b*tch, you'll get robbed for your rackables
She say, "Give me head," b*tch, after you (b*tch)
Foenem go, go first, I'll go after you (Grrah)
n*gga, that Glizzy don't get passed to you (b*tch)
n*gga, you wouldn't even shoot if you had to shoot

(What's happenin', Steve?)

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